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Finding the right CCTV Installation or surveillance system for your home can be daunting. Your budget may determine what will suit you best but I will offer comprehensive advice on what is achievable and would only install something that best suits your needs.With a range of options available to all clients it has never been easier to monitor people coming in and out of your home.

With a wide variety of options available a CCTV purchase can soon become overwhelming. We explain to you what does what and why!  All CCTV installations are subject to a visit to the property to decide what is best for your home.  From 1 to 120 cameras being installed on remote builders yards to Garages homes and whole factories we have the experience to help you feel safe.

CCTV Installation Worcestershire and South Birmingham


We can install 3/4 camera systems for your home or externally around your business premises. To maximum coverage for shops and buildings with extensive external regions, you may require a 32 camera system. Ideal for warehouses, loading bays and nurseries. All of our systems are installed with GDPR in mind. 


Using your existing bell wire I can install a video doorbell. It is a small unit that contains a speaker, button and a camera lens that can detect movement and will take snap shots which can be sent to your smart phone or enable you to have a conversation with someone at your door without even being there! You never need to miss a parcel delivery again. Simply ask the driver to drop a package somewhere safe without leaving a note on your door for all to see.

Third party installations can allow shared access eg your elderly relatives property can been seen by both you and them to enable controlled access to the property. Systems are audio responsive so you can talk to the person on the doorstep whilst being on holiday or at work.


This is most suited to people who require either a single or two camera option, cloud storage and POE functions (Power Over Ethernet). The advantage of this from an installation and suitability aspect is all that is required is an Ethernet (Cat5e or Cat6) cable from the router in your home and the camera itself. This avoids the cost of having additional electricity sockets and clutter/storage of a recording box and all its power adapters.

CCTV and Video Doorbell Installation Worcestershire and South Birmingham

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"Gavin did a great job - gave choices of install and sensible advice. The price quoted was clear from the start, and the job done quickly and without fuss. We're very happy with the result and highly recommend his services."

Robert Myles

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"We had a TV wall mounted by Gavin and the service and advice he gave was brilliant. He is very meticulous about his work and it was all done to a very high standard at a very competitive price. I would not hesitate to recommend Gavin to friends and family, he is that good!"

Alan Ball

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"Excellent job by Gavin, came and sorted out the CCTV mess left by the previous guy. Gave loads of tips and suggestions, expert in his field, went above and beyond! Thoroughly recommend AV Guy, any job nothing is too big or small. Thank you very much."

Mustafa Kapasi

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"Had our alarms, CCTV, TVs installed onto the walls, Aerial set up and solar-powered security light fitted. Highly recommend Gavin he was always willing to go the extra mile for you, he is friendly and knowledgeable guy. We will definitely use him again"


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"Gavin has done quite a lot of work for us and always gives an excellent service. He is very professional and his work is of a high quality."


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"Gavin came gave me a quote the same day very good price compared to other companies within two days work was completed to a very high standard and very clean worker. Would recomend him all day long"


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"I'm an Owner of three businesses and Gavin and his team at AV GUY have never let us down, he's successfully helped keep all our premises safe with their CCTV setups and I have also used them for audio upgrades, and internet upgrades"


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"What a service came on time I was quoted. Sorted a big problem I have had for a long time with CCTV. Courteous, quick and a good price will be using in future"


CCTV Installation FAQS

Where to have the box?

The wall your hanging your TV on has to be suitable, best bracket in the world wont make any difference if it falls of the wall! Generally speaking a flat to wall or tilting TV mount can be placed onto any wall as the weight being dispersed by the bracket can be held with a number of specific fixings available to cater for your needs.
Moving onto an articulated TV bracket you automatically require a uch more significant fixing. An onsite survey would be needed to confirmany articulated bracket to be installed.

How does CCTV Work?

Your CCTV Box will be used to set and configure all your channels and store the footage (cloud storage is also an option if you connect your CCTV box to google drive etc...) To enable remote viewing, storage and configuration you will require an internet connection this can be done in a number of ways, a wired connection is our preferred method for reliability reasons although wireless/powerline adaptors can be used where there is no wired method available

Where to put the cctv cameras?

A big decision is to decide what you want to be able to view with your cameras, there is a range of cameras available to suit a variety of uses. Once you have decided where they are to be positioned and what distance/light conditions/and security qualities they will need you can select the right camera for the job.  CCTV Boxes can take a range of cameras and generally speaking not all of the cameras on the same system are looking at areas the same size or distance away from the camera position and almost definitely not being subject to the same environmental variants with differences of evening light daytime sunshine or surrounding trees/building surfaces.

What cctv cameras to have?

When deciding on the right camera for the job you should consider what it is you want to view for the example ill say a parked car on the driveway. This will open a number of questions, can you cover the whole car and if not do you need two cameras to do the job? Sometimes two cameras working together can cover much more and be far more effective. How far is the car from the Camera, how will the camera be mounted? At what height and how will the cables run. Does it need to be protected from damage or movement? Would it benefit from having a built-in light if its a dark particularly dark area what size lens would be best? Camera lens vary in size generally from 2.8mm- 12mm, this determines the angle of view the cameras has as a rule at 3meters from the lens a 2.8mm lens would open the lens to about 90degrees whereas a 12mm lens would be used for something further away so to optically zoom in to the area required to be protected.

Ptz or fixed?

You can have fixed cameras (meaning the camera is set up and views one static position), with the help of additional fixed cameras you can cover four angles of a home effectively.

In addition or instead of static cameras you can introduce PTZ cameras these are higher quality image cameras and generally able to cover a large area and zoom in for amazing detail. If you went for an IP system you could also add features such as automatic detection, pursuit and notification.

IP or analogue?

There are two main descriptions to a camera, This is analogue or IP.
The attribute of an Analogue Camera is to act as an eye. An analogue camera is nothing more than a lens which sends images to CCTV DVR (Digital video recorder) This DVR will then contain a hard drive, this will decide how much you can store, the amount of storage is determined by which cameras you use if you have an 8MP analogue camera (an eye sending 8MP worth of data) or a 2MP (sending only 2MP worth of imagery per frame). If you have 4 cameras you are going to use half the storage of an 8 camera system... although if you tailor your recording schedule to only record movement detected inside the camera areas you can increase the timeline of your stored footage significantly.
An IP camera is an eye and a brain. This means that an IP camera although being able to provide a greater picture detail (not always required but does offer benefits) they are able to process information and allow themselves to be connected to either an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or direct to a network where it can the access cloud storage or use an internal memory card and therefore be operated in a standalone or system application.

How will the cables be installed?

This depends entirely on the route from the distribution/power location and the camera itself. Having years of experience cabling properties I find bespoke solutions to the trickiest of scenarios. There are many ways a cable can get from A-B! Ducting, through wall, over a catenary cable and even some sections of CCTV can now be done wirelessly.

Will the CCTV system give me notifications?

CCTV systems can be set to notify you if someone or movement is detected with areas covered by its lens. There is a number of ways to do this and line crossings, face detection and number plate recognition can all be features added to cover your CCTV needs.


Can they have audio and a mic?

Having a brain means an IP camera can create its own set of rules and display its own operating system. From here you can set motion to detect areas, give a sequence of commands if these motion detect areas are triggered. Control lights and microphones, even allowing two-way speech over a CCTV system.

What internet speeds are required?

Typically you would want at least an 8-12Mbps download with a proportional upload speed for reliable connectivity on mobile and smart devices to view a 4-8 camera system. this will also allow for moderate other users at the same time.  Most households have 50Mbps downloads and aren’t as much of an issue as it used to be, remember although the internet is required for remote viewing you can still record and view your system as long as it has power.

Access to the cameras /TV/internet/laptops

Giving a CCTV system an internet connection allows you to access the CCTV box on a range of devices, laptops, mobile phones tablets and computer networks. This means as soon as you have done this whether you're in Birmingham or the Bahamas with a good internet connection you can see what's happening at home or work.
You can also wire your CCTV system into an existing aerial or HDMI distribution system. This will allow you to view your box and control it at any TV point in your home or office/place of work.
With recordings being available on your phone or directly from the CCTV box obtaining footage is never a problem. It can be emailed, whatsapped or messaged/stored locally on your phone within seconds.

How long does it record for?

Storage of your CCTV can be determined by the size of hard drive you have the amount of cameras and the method you use to record footage.  Typically a 2TB hard drive on a four-camera system will give you three works of footage on constant record, dependant on the amount of motion detect recordings I have had a 2TB system on motion detect contain 18 months of footage!

What happens if they take the box (google drive storage on HIK)?

CCTV systems can now be connected to online cloud storage devices, this can mean that if you needed a secondary storage option for your property these needs can now be met. If a box was to be destroyed or stolen then the online footage would at least be kept to this point. It can also act a cheaper alternative to a larger hard drive during installation.

On going maintenance costs?

CCTV systems once installed very rarely need maintenance, potentially some cameras may need a clean but other than that as long as the system was fitted correctly with watertight connections and secure cables then only realistically should a revisit be required for a very rare reason such as equipment failure, therefor a CCTV system should really see you well until your decide to upgrade or increase your requirements with additional cameras.  A good first-time investment buying the best equipment you can afford and finding a trusted CCTV installer will pay dividends in the long term.

How much does it cost?

There is a price difference between the two systems. NVR’s will generally be about 10% more expensive than its DVR comparison and cameras will demand a 30-50% increase in price for a comparative model, as mentioned IP cameras are also capable of having additional features. For an example a top of the range IP PTZ (pan tilt and Zoom) camera can be set to follow patrol actions meaning you get it to scan in vertical and horizontal directions to cover a range of areas, they can also even detect movement and focus in on particular areas it patrols. This can then notify a screen or mobile device with an alert. 

How much will it cost me in the future?

Each customers property be it their home or commercial unit has its own needs and budgets so we use all of our experience to ensure you get the best system for your requirements. All of the equipment I install is subscription free and can be accessed for as long as the items are supported by the manufacturer.

Reasons for CCTV

If you feel any of the reasons below are the reason for reading this article then look at our reviews and get in touch.
CCTV is something to protect your property, make you feel safer, deter burglars, protect your family, make my insurance cheaper, allow you to view who’s at the front door, allow you to check on visitors and deliveries.

Areas covered by AV Guy

AV guy is based in South Birmingham close to Worcestershire, covering the following areas: AlvechurchBarnt Green,  Bromsgrove, Clent,  Hagley, Halesowen, Kings Heath, Moseley, Redditch, Rednal, Rubery, Selly Oak, Solihull, Stourbridge and everywhere in between!

Being an engineer within a local radius allows AV Guy to focus on supplying the best possible customer service and prices within the area. Also having both domestic and commercial customers allows AV Guy to work with a variety of systems and equipment. We use this experience and knowledge to offer you the best solution. Consulting us at the beginning can often ensure a smooth and fluid installation of the highest standard that delivers and exceeds the results you are after.

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